Friday, July 25, 2008

The movie is released, and my little party falls through.

So, I have to be honest. I opened this blog just to be able to place the stuipd X-Files widget above so that the clues would be revealed more quickly. It didn't work, and now many members of the X-Files fandom (myself included) are cursing the widget because it didn't reveal all the clues and stuff before the movie was actually released. However, I still have this open blog, so I thought I could have some fun with it.

So, yesterday was the 24th of July. Those of you not familiar with Utah or it's history may not know that it is known as Pioneer Day in Utah because it is the day the Pioneers came in to the Salt Lake Valley and decided to stay. It is a state holiday and the city I live in does this fun fair-type thing where they lit off fireworks over the field behind my house. I decided that it would be fun to have my friends from work over for a bbq and then go watch the fireworks. I talked to everyone, got some yesses and nos, and was excited.

So, I went out and got tons of food, because I was expecting quite a few people. Yeah, I spent too much money on food, cause I wanted it to be nice, you know? So, I get the house ready, pull out the lawn furniture by myself (some of it was super heavy, too), get food prepared, singe the hair off my arm when lighting the barbequer, and I'm getting excited. My entire family was out of town and I hate spending holidays alone, so I'm so happy that my friends are going to be coming over. Then the time starts ticking by and no one shows up. Another hour, and no one is there yet. I started texting some of the people who said they would come and they said weren't coming anymore. I mean, I totally understand that some things come up (i.e., last minute family things) and that is totally fine. I'm not bitter (honestly, I'm not). But other people just changed their minds, some people said they were coming later and then didn't show, and I just sat there, waiting. I felt completely pathetic and even lonely, just watching the clock, waiting for someone to show up. Then Andi and her hubby and three of their kids showed up, and Lindsay showed up, and I felt stupid because I had made it out that it was going to be a nice, big thing, and then it fell apart in my face. I felt like an idiot that I had set up for a larger group of people and only a small handful of people came. Actually, only two people came and one of them brought her family. Yeah, awkward. I mean, if you don't feel like coming, don't tell me you're gonna come and then change your mind and not say anything to me. And if you don't want to come, just tell me so in the first place, I won't be mad (this isn't directed and people with the family stuff that came up, btw, cause I know that happens, and it's totally cool).

One nice thing came out of not having a lot of people show up. I have a nextdoor neighbor who is like a grandpa to me, and his wife has been really sick lately, and bedridden. I barbequed him and her some hamburgers and took them fruit and veggies and salad and dessert. He was genuinely happy that I had included him, and had cooked for him. That was probably one of the best parts of the entire day.

I'm not saying we didn't have some fun. Andi's daughters are super funny, Alexander (her son) was funny to watch while we were eating, we chatted, and just relaxed. My best friend Gina showed up just in time for the fireworks, and we went and watched those on the hill, and I rolled down the hill with Andi's daughter Elizabeth (or maybe it was Victoria), and then was totally in stitches watching Andi roll down the hill too (she's my boss, so it was funny for me). Then we went and lit sparklers and I let my pyro-side come out. We did make some nice memories, and then Lindsay, Gina, and me went to the X-Files movie at midnight.

Even though we made some nice memories, I don't think I'll be planning a get together like that again, at least not for a while. I planned one before, and both of them fell apart in my face in certain ways. I'm done with that. It's not fair to me, so I'm done planning fun get-togethers (except Gina's Bridal Shower, and that's different because I'm her maid-of-honor and I know people will actually come to that). I just get lonely sometimes, though, so when I have friends I want to plan time to spend time with them. Crazy, huh?

Anyway, now that I've ranted a little bit about my failed bbq, on to my review of the long-awaited for movie The X-Files: I Want to Believe. Simply put, it was like watching a long episode. It wasn't as blockbuster-ish as the last film they did, and it wasn't quite as good as some of my favorite episodes from the series, but it was still definitely worth the watch. Mulder and Scully were different from how I remember them, but it has been six years since we've had any new material. There were a few things that did surprise me (I won't say what because I don't want to spoil it), and I actually covered my eyes during at least three different parts of the movie - it was kinda freaky; freaky in the same way that season 2 was. I was also excited about the fact that part of the storyline revolved around Acepromezine, because I use it almost daily at my work, and I knew exactly what it was when they mentioned it. I was excited about the Mulder-Scully Romance part of it, but it was slightly different than I am used to. There were some great one-liners. Even though it wasn't as blockbuster-ish as the last movie, it was good. It got back to its roots in a good, freaky way. I was excited. I'll definitely see it again.

Anyway, there is my first real (and very long) blog post for you. Until next time!


The B Glad Family said...

Yay Steph! I'm glad you have a blog!
I'm sorry your party didn't turn out how you planned. I would've come at least for a few minutes. We had family stuff but I don't want you to be lonely.
We need to get together and play soon. I'm done with school next week and then I'm free whenever you are.
Love ya!

THE YOUNGS said...

Hey Steph! Glad you have a blog! That sucks about your bbq! Maybe next time it will work out and now you have lots of left over food which I am sure Dad secretly likes since he can't openly appreciate it due to his new diet! Good luck next time!!


Marla said...

Um....I never heard about your BBQ!!!! Did I miss the memo? I totally would've come! I ended up watching my friend's 13 year old play soccer in Layton...not that it wasn't fun, but I would've loved hangin' with you!!! :( Sorry I missed it.